Week of October 2

This Week’s Feature:

Spelling Strategy: Using a Dictionary for Easily Confused Words
A dictionary is an important reference book containing an alphabetical list of words, with information given for each word. A dictionary generally tells a word’s pronunciation, syllabication, part of speech, and meaning (definition). You should use a dictionary to be sure that you are using words correctly in your writing.

This Week’s Special Spelling Practice Activity:

Spelling Illustrations

This week your spelling list contains words that sound and are spelled similarly, but have different meanings.  To help you keep the meanings straight, complete the Spelling Illustrations activity and turn it in to Ms. M., along with your weekly word sort and spelling story.  Do not forget that for homework, you must also study your spelling words for Friday’s spelling test.

  1. Be sure that you know the definitions of every word on your spelling list.
  2. Choose three pairs of similarly spelled words (six words) that you think would be easy to illustrate.  For example, alley (a narrow street or passageway) and ally (a friend or confederate) might be fairly easy to illustrate.
  3. On cards, write each word at the top of the card.  Illustrate the word below where you have written it.  Be sure to color your illustration.  On the other side of the card, write the definition of the word.  Do this for each of the words you have chosen.

Choose the word sort for your group:

Here are this week’s spelling story winners.