Early Humans PowerPoint

DIRECTIONS:  With your group, silently read the information about the group(s) of early humans that you will be researching.  Discuss what you have read with all of the members of your group after everyone has finished reading.  Then prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share with the class.  Your presentation should include completely factual information at least twelve slides and will be presented to the class on the day Ms. M. assigns to your group.  Write your slides on paper and have that information approved before you begin working on the computer. Any work not finished in class must be divided up amongst your group members and finished as homework.

The Presentation

Your presentation must include the following information:

In addition to including the aforementioned items, your presentation must be well organized.  The PowerPoint presentation must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction should get the audience interested in your subject with an engaging beginning.  The body should address all of the listed topics clearly and in an order that is organized and makes sense.  The conclusion should include three components:  1) three higher level thinking questions for the class to answer as a quiz, 2) a brief summary of your subject, and 3) a strong closing statement that your audience will remember.

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