Early Humans PowerPoint: Early Human Jody Call


I don’t know, but I’ve been told
Australopithecus is really old.
Four million years ago B.C.
First one found they called Lucy.

Small in size just like a child
Searched for food out in the wild.
No tools made that we have found
Took their food from off the ground.

Walking upright they would roam
In Africa, which was their home.
Lived in groups and family camps
Footprints in the ash were stamps.

Sound off (Hominid)
Sound off (Early Man)
Sound off (Sound off)
1, 2..(1, 2)
(all) 3, 4!

Genus Homo it came next
Bigger brains their skulls attest.
They made tools with rocks and stones
Used for cutting and scraping bones.

Hunted in nomadic bands
Left Africa for other lands.
Near East, Asia, Europe, too
Traveled all around the world.


Homo Habilis began
He was known as “Handy Man.”
First tool maker was his claim
That is how he got his name.

Then along the family tree
Came a species called Homo E…
E-rectus, as he was known
Was much taller tell his bones.

Building shelters, cooking food
Wore skin clothing, made great tools.
Chopper, hammer, cleaver, axe
Brain’s still growing, think of that!


Homo Sapiens “wise people,” and
Neanderthal we call next man.
Lived in valleys, it was cold
Social groups helped them grow old.

Shorter, stocky, very strong
Muscles helped them get along.
Vanished 30,000 years ago
Why extinct we do not know.


Homo Sapien, Sapiens soon appeared
Look like us when in the mirror.
Spread themselves around the globe
Adapted skills to each new home.

Cro-Magnon, as he was called
Painted pictures on cave walls.
Larger brains and many tools
Developed cultures with new rules.


With modern man our story ends
On more research we can depend.
Scientists may one day find
Other species…of different kinds!