This Week’s News

At last we have finished both our informational essays and our sixth grade math books!  Wow on both counts.  In writing we are now turning our attention to a little poetry writing before we embark upon our Argument essays.  Students are working on some personal poems that help them reflect on their identity as well as some of their hopes, fears, and dreams.  It is a refreshing change from the challenges of MLA format and thesis statements.

For math, we will be doing all manner of review and it is now important for each student to be honest with his or herself and really “brush up” on the skills that still seem challenging for them. Student responsibility in this area is critical as the expectation is that they will be able to work with algebraic expressions and equations, distance, rate and time, graphing coordinates, areas of triangles, rectangles, parallelograms and trapezoids, volume and surface area, percents, decimals and fractions.  Seventh grade is part 2 of this year’s math.

This Week’s News

This week, we began our study of Greece and Greek mythology.  During our study of ancient Greece, students explored one small portion of the Winged Sandals website, which is a fun, interactive way to learn about different aspects of ancient Greece.  Many students asked that the Winged Sandals site be made available here so that they could explore ancient Greece on their own.  Students may also explore a portion of the British Museum’s website, which is an interactive site that explores life in ancient Greece, and this is another educational and entertaining site, Adventures in Ancient Greece, that allows students to interact and take part in games while learning about the way of life in ancient Greece.

This Week’s News

It sounds as though most students thoroughly enjoyed the spring vacation, but a few students were also sick during the vacation, which, of course, was not fun for those students. We are now in the final stretch of the sixth grade year, which will be packed full of academics, assessments, and activities. Often, this time of year is the hardest of all for sixth grade students, many of whom are now feeling very ready to finish their elementary experience and move into their next educational stage. Parents, you may need to support your student in keeping his/her focus and motivational level high during the coming weeks.  Here are three of our major goals for this phase of sixth grade:

  1. Students are responsible, self-directed, and self-controlled. Students are expected to endeavor to make the right choice in every situation and prove that they can be trusted.
  2. Students are reflective and are able to articulate both the process and the content of learning. Students can self-advocate and are able to describe what is challenging, as well as what works well for them.
  3. Students are honest and kind to themselves, each other and with adults. Students strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be.


Wolf Credo

Respect the elders.
Teach the young.
Cooperate with the pack.
Play when you can.
Hunt when you must.
Rest in between.
Share your affections.
Voice your feelings.
Leave your mark.
~ Del Goetz

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